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There will be 10 programming assignments. The first one (assignment 0) is mostly for setting up the programming environment. The topics for many assignments are still tentative, so please do not start working on them until we officially tell you so.

Replacement/Bonus Assignments (Due 4/27)

The replacement assignment will be graded like a regular assignment (worth 20 points); you can use this to replace the lowest assignment grade you received on your 10 regular assignments.

  • Replacement Assignment: Markov Model
  • The bonus assignment works like an extra-credit assignment; you can get a max of 10 points that can be added to your overall assignment grade.

  • Bonus Assignment Specification ( pdf,  msword )
  • Please read the Android Guidelines ( pdf,  msword ) and download the bonus.zip starter file

  • Past Assignments

  • Assignment 0: Getting Started  (Due 1/19) Grading TFs: Yitzchak Lockerman and Fei Xue
  • Assignment 1: Simple Java Programs (Due 1/26) Grading TFs: Jun Zhou and Pedro Alves
  • Assignment 2: Control Structures (Due 2/2) Grading TFs: Fei Xue and Yitzchak Lockerman
  • Assignment 3: N-Body Simulation (Due 2/9) Grading TFs: Fei Xue and Aaron Segal
  • Assignment 4: Recursive Graphics (Due 2/16) Grading TFs: Jun Zhou and Fitz Nowlan
  • Assignment 5: DNA Sequence Alignment (Due 2/23) Grading TFs: Pedro Alves and Jun Zhou
  • Assignment 6: Linear Feedback Shift Register (Due 3/1) Grading TFs: Aaron Segal and Pedro Alves
  • Assignment 7: Guitar Hero (Due 3/29) Grading TFs: Thaddeus Diamond and Fei Xue and Michael Hopkins
  • Assignment 8: Traveling Salesperson Problem (Due 4/9) Grading TFs: Fitz Nowlan and Pedro Alves
  • Assignment 9: Critters (Due 4/19) Grading TFs: Yitzchak Lockerman and Thaddeus Diamond

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