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Office Hours

See the main page for the current schedule of upcoming office hours. Each teaching fellow, peer tutor, and the instructor will be available to help. Please try to meet them during their office hours or email them to make an appointment.


  • How to install Java and Dr. Java on Mac?
  • How to install Java and Dr. Java on Windows?
  • Working on your own computer: How to install JDK, compile and run Java programs?
  • Working on pantheon: How to work on CS112 assignments on pantheon machines?
  • How to generate a jar?
  • A tutorial on Unix
  • Java Documentation

  • Java documentation provides a large amount of information on Java.
  • The best part of Java documentation is the API reference, which describes all the packages, classes, and methods built into Java. If you need to recall details of how a class method works, find the class in the lower-left pane, click on it, then search for the method in the main pane.
  • Note that Java language specification is also linked online.
  • Useful Web Resources

  • Notes on Programming in C by Rob Pike (it is a classic for C, but it is also useful for Java)

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