Computer Science 201 Assignments


Reading Assignments

8/29 Read The Racket Guide, Chapters 1 and 2, experimenting with Dr. Racket as you go along. (If you are joining the class late, please do this assignment as soon as you can!)
08/29 Optional readings:
  • Programming and Meta-Programming in Scheme,
  • Programming in Scheme Learn Scheme Through Artificial Intelligence Programs,
  • The T Programming Language (on closed reserve at Bass)
  • The scheme programming language (on closed reserve at Bass)
  • How To Design Programs (online copy). (buy from Amazon) An introduction to programming using Racket written by the inventors of racket. It assumes no programming background.

  • Problem Sets

    8/29 Homework #0: hw0.rkt. It is due online via the Zoo submit system, at 11:59 Wednesday, September 13th. (It is also available in /c/cs201/hws/hw0.rkt from your Zoo account.) Information on using the Zoo machines: Zoo tutorial. Information about submitting your work will be available soon.