CPSC 202 - Mathematical Tools for Computer Science

FALL 2016

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General Course Information

  • Instructor: Dana Angluin
  • Course time and room: TuTh 1-2:15, room 220 DL
  • Syllabus: [Syllabus]
  • Reading assignments will be from Notes on Discrete Mathematics by Prof. James Aspnes.
  • cs202staff@cs.yale.edu. Email alias to reach all instructional staff members with a question.
  • Midterm date: Tuesday, October 18, 1-2:15 pm, room TBD
  • Final exam date: Saturday, December 17, 2-5 pm, room TBD
  • Relevant Recent Announcements

    8/16 Welcome to CPSC 202!
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    16 August 2016