CPSC 202 - Mathematical Tools for Computer Science

FALL 2018

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General Course Information

  • Instructor: Dana Angluin
  • Course time and room: TuTh 1-2:15, room DL 220
  • Syllabus: [Syllabus]
  • Reading assignments will be from Notes on Discrete Mathematics by Prof. James Aspnes.
  • cs202staff@cs.yale.edu. Email alias to reach all instructional staff members with a question.
  • Midterm date: Tuesday, October 16, 1-2:15 pm, room SCL 110.
  • Final exam date: Tuesday, December 18, 2-5 pm, room TBA.
  • Relevant Recent Announcements


    Prof. Angluin will have office hours 2:30-4:00 Tuesday (11/13) and Wednesday (11/14) in AKW 414.


    Schedule of Help Hours for the Coming Week

    Remember you can also email the course staff (the ULAs, the Teaching Fellow, and Prof. Angluin) to ask questions: cs202staff@cs.yale.edu.

    Below is the schedule for Help Hours for the coming week. Help Hours will be held in the kitchen/lounge area of the atrium at the front of the 2nd floor of AKW. Questions about homework and course material are welcome. Times are pm unless otherwise indicated.

      Sat (11/10) 2-5     Elaine
    	      4-6     Tony, Sophie
      Sun (11/11) 3-4     ** Homework #8 Problem Session ** by Connor, AKW 200
                  4-6     Connor
                  4-6:30  Cathy
      Mon (11/12) 7-10    Anton, Connor, Tony
      Tue (11/13) 2:30-5:30  Cathy, Marko
                  8-11    Charles
      Wed (11/14) 6-9    Cathy, Elaine
                  7-10   Anton, Marko, Tony, Sophie
      Thu (11/15) 9:30 AM-12:30 PM  Charles (yes, Thursday morning)

    11/8 The eighth problem set is available from [Assignments].
    ... The complete list of announcements is in the [Announcements] section of this webpage.

    November 12, 2018