CS 223 - Spring 2017. 2/13

Welcome to CS 223!

Logical problem of the day

bool flag;
flag = flag ? 0 : 1;
What is wrong with the above code?

Lecture 9: Introduction to C: linked lists, hash tables


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  • Midterm exam Wednesday February 22nd in class. topics

    Assignment 2 grades

    hw2 grade reports have been emailed. If you handed in hw2 and did NOT get an email, let me know.

    Here are the statistics:

    Grade			        Hours
    Max	40			30.8
    Min	0			0.0
    Avg	28.1			9.5
    Median	31			10.0
    Stdev	10.5			6.8
    The tests are available at /c/cs223/hw2/Tests

    You may resubmit for 50% incremental credit up to Sunday night at midnight.

    Assignment 3

    Problem set 3
  • Piazza note about pointers

    Lecture Starts Here

    Linked Lists

    Aspnes: Linked Lists

    Structs are just fine for creating single data type instances, like strings. It is usually more interesting to create data structures that actually produce structures. The simplest structure is a linked list. We will later see more complex structures, like trees and graphs, which are variations on linked lists.

  • lists.c

    Hash Tables

    Aspnes: Hash Tables

  • hw3/hash.h from hw3
  • hw3/hashtest.c uses hash.h, string keys, linked lists
  • hw3/bighashtest.c uses hash.h, string keys, linked lists

  • Hash Functions:
  • exhash.c integer keys, linear probing
  • exhash2.c string keys, linear probing
  • examplehash.c integer keys, linear probing, dummy item for deletes
  • examplehash2.c string keys, linear probing, dummy item for deletes