CS 223 - Spring 2017. 3/1

Welcome to CS 223!

Logical problem of the day

int main(int argc, char **argv){ 
  char * x = "010";
  int y = 010;
  printf("x: (%s) %d  y: %d\n", x, atoi(x), y);
What happens here?

Lecture 13: HW4 + Data Structures: stacks


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    Assignment 4 Problem set 4 Extension until after break.

    Lecture Starts Here


  • For hw4, we do not ask you to expand the stack. If you try to push onto a full stack, the program halts with an error (exit(1)). It is actually easier to make expandable stacks than hash tables. You can implement stacks using linked array structures.
    struct stack {
      struct stack * next;
      int size;
      int top;
      int *elements;
    Imagine an instance where size = 4, and you have pushed the first 9 positive integers. When a stack is full, allocate a new one and have its next point to the old one.
  • Implement a stack using object oriented programming (python): stack.py Note the use of a stack to reverse a string. Also, in python we do not worry about memory allocation or the stack being full.

  • Implement a stack using linked lists: stacklist.c

  • Implement a queue using two stacks: (from last term's final exam): Implement a queue using two stacks. Code: queuetest.c

  • Next topic: trees!