CS 223 - Spring 2017. 3/6

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Larry Wall Quote of the day

The young think they are immortal, and are determined to prove otherwise.

Logical problem of the day

int i;main(){for(;i["]<i;++i){--i;}"];read('-'-'-',i+++"hell\
o, world!\n",'/'/'/'));}read(j,i,p){write(j/p+p,i---j,i/i);}
What happens here? (This is a winning entry (dishonorable mention) of the original Obfuscated C Contest in 1984.) Larry Wall is a two-time winner! See wikipedia entry

Lecture 14: HW5 + Data Structures: btrees


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  • Many of you emailed me regarding hw3 grading issues. Subsequently, there has been related discussion on piazza. You should rely on those postings, which means that you should resubmit (by this Friday). If your issues are different, then contact cs223help@cs.yale.edu.

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    Assignment 5

    Problem set 5

  • Here is an example: Alice In Wonderland cloud

    Lecture Starts Here

    Binary Trees