CS 223 - Spring 2017. 3/29

Welcome to CS 223!

Larry Wall Quote of the day

Unix has a dang lot of computer science mixed in with the crap.

Logical problem of the day


int main(){
  int a = 1;  /* initialize a **
  a++;        /* increment a ***/
  printf("a = %d\n", a);
What's up up there?

Lecture 17: HW6 + Data Structures: btrees, AVL trees, heaps


  • Office hours:
    The office hours are Sun/Tue/Thu 8-11 PM at Hillhouse 17 Rm 111.
  • My office hours this week are Wednesday 3-5pm.

  • https://www.startupyale.com/prizes/ Yale Prizes $25,000: deadline 3/30/17.

  • http://yalecompsociety.org/prize

    Assignment 5 - Revision

    Problem set 5 revision

  • Add balanced tree option to hw5, using -avl flag.
  • See /c/cs223/hw5/Cloudavlx
  • See AVL Trees AVLtree.h AVLtree.c AVLtree.output
  • Here is one way to do it: (how I did it)

    Assignment 6

    Problem set 6

    Lecture Starts Here

    Binary Trees

    Heaps and Graphs

  • heap visualization

  • heap.c

  • Aspnes: Heaps Implement heaps as arrays. For zero-based arrays as in C, the rule is that a node at position i has children at positions 2*i+1 and 2*i+2; in the other direction, a node at position i has a parent at position (i-1)/2 (which rounds down in C).

  • Aspnes: Graphs