Package <Unnamed>

Class Summary
Callback Generic class to facilate use of callbacks Also provides a static helper function to get an object of Method that can be passed to the constructor of this class Example: To get a Method object for the method public foo(String str) in class Test: String[] paramTypes = {"java.lang.String"}; Method method = Callback.getMethod("foo", this, paramTypes); Callback cb = new Callback(method, this, "fooTest"); The above code snippet assumes that it is written inside class Test, hence the use of this.
CommandsParser CommandsParser -- parses topology and keyboard commands COMMANDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE.
Edge Edge stores the specifics about each edge in the topology.
EdgeOptions Class to represent the edge options: loss rate, delay and bandwidth
EmulatedLink A class for physical link emulation
EmulatedNode Keeps track of information about an emulated node Emulated node uses a TCP socket to talk to the Trawler, but send and receive messages directly to other emulated nodes using UDP.
EmulatedNodeServer In a seperate thread, this class listens to incoming messages from neighbors and stores the data received
EmulationCommandsParser Parser for the Emulator Emulator is interested in all commands except topology commands
Emulator Manages an emulated node
EmulatorARPData Structure for storing data contained in the ARP cache of an emulated node
EmulatorPacket Packet used by emulated nodes to send data to each other via UDP
Event An Event is some scheduled task to be performed.
Fishnet Class with main method that starts up a Manager.
LinkState This manages a link state packet, to convey a list of neighbors around the network for building routing tables.
Manager Abstract class defining generic routines for running network code under Fishnet
Node Node -- Class defining the data structures and code for the protocol stack for a node participating in the fishnet This code is under student control; we provide a baseline "hello world" example just to show how it interfaces with the FishNet classes.
Packet Packet defines the Fishnet packet headers and some constants.
PingRequest Class that stores information about a Ping request that was sent
Protocol Contains details about the recognized protocols in Fishnet
SimulationCommandsParser Parser for the Simulator Simulator is interested in all commands
Simulator Manages a simulation.
SortedEventQueue This is a list of Events which should kept sorted by the time at which they are to be invoked.
Topology Topology class keeps track of connections between nodes.
Transport This conveys the header for reliable message transfer.
Trawler Manages the emulated nodes.
TrawlerCommandsParser Parser for the Trawler Trawler is only interested in topology commands
TrawlerNodeARPCommands Provides method to create and parse commands sent between the Trawler and the emulated node
Utility Provides some useful static methods