CPSC 433/533: Computer Networks, Fall 2017 : Schedule

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Schedule & Handouts


Lecture Date Topic Lecture Topic Textbook Reading Additional Reading Written
1 Thursday
Aug. 31
Introduction Course overview;
an introduction to the Internet
(pptx, pdf)
1.1, 1.2, 1.7 Interesting RFCs; Clos Networks; Google Datacenter Networks; ISP Backbone Maps    
2 Tuesday
Sept. 5
Taxonomy of communication networks
(pptx, pdf)
1.3, 1.4 M/M/1 simulation;
3 Thursday
Sept. 7
Statistical multiplexing, layered network architectures and the end-to-end arguments
(pptx, pdf)
1.4, 1.5 Required: The End-to-end Argument
Alternative views: Protocol Stack vs Heap; Architecture patterns; GENI: A new initiative for network architecture
Assignment One  
4 Tuesday
Sept. 12
Network Applications Overview of network apps; Email
(pptx, pdf)
2.1, 2.4, 2.5 History: Design Philosophy of DARPA Internet;
History: Email development
5 Thursday
Sept. 14
Email Security; DNS High-Level Design
(pptx, pdf)
2.4, 2.5 History: Development of DNS;
DNS: DNS wireshark capture; Example dig commands
DNS attack: DDoS on DNS; Syrian attack on NYTimes
6 Tuesday
Sept. 19
DNS Details and Extension; Network Socket Programming: UDP Sockets
(pptx, pdf)
2.7 m-DNS/DNS-SD: dns-sd; mDNS; DNS-SD Android NSD mDNS wireshark capture;
Java Network Programming (Ch. 12 on UDP, Ch. 2 on Enc/Dec) UDPClient.java UDPServer.java EncodingDecoding.java
  Assignment Two
7 Thursday
Sept. 21
TCP Socket Programming, FTP 2.3, 2.2
FTP Seq. Diagram or FTP example


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