CPSC 434/534: Topics in Networked Systems, Spring 2017 : Course Info

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Course Information for CPSC 434/534

Time and location: MW 4:00-5:15 PM
Instructor: Y. Richard Yang (yry AT cs.yale.edu)
Room: AKW 208A
Phone: 432-6400
Instructor office hours: W 3:00-4:00 pm
or by appointment
Teaching assistant: Geng Li (geng.li AT yale.edu), Qiao Xiang(qiao.xiang AT cs.yale.edu)
Teaching assistant office hours: M-F 9am-6pm
Class home page: http://zoo.cs.yale.edu/classes/cs434/

Course materials

There is no required textbook. We will use chapters from books, and online papers.


Class participation. If you do not ask questions in the class, you will not get as much out of the class as you could. Your class participation will be based on the instructor's assessment of whether you are regularly involved in the class over the course of the semester. If at the end of the semester the instructor cannot remember you, you have not actively participated in the class.


I strongly encourage you to discuss any topic with anyone. That's the way good science happens. As a professional, you should acknowledge any significant discussions in your homework/projects. However, when the time comes to write the homework or program, such discussions are no longer appropriate---the solution or program must be your own personal inspiration (although you may ask the instructor and teaching fellow for help in writing and debugging). DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES COPY ANOTHER PERSON'S HOMEWORK OR PROGRAM---to do so is a clear violation of ethical/academic standards that, when discovered, will be referred to the Executive Committee of Yale College for disciplinary action.

Late homework/project policy

A homework or project that is not completed by the time specified in the assignment (and whose late submission is not authorized by the instructor or by a Dean's excuse) will be not be graded.

Keeping In Touch

We will use the class server to keep in touch.

If your question is more like "What in the world does this homework assignment mean?" or "Help!", come see us in person.

You should read both the course home page rather frequently as they appear for important information, such as lecture notes, instructions on submitting your assignments, clarifications and hints, last minute schedule changes, etc.

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