CPSC 434/534: Topics in Networked Systems, Spring 2017 : Schedule

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Date Topic Suggested Reading Assignments
1 Wed.
Jan. 18
Overview Context; Course planning
(pptx, pdf)
Wei93; Sat01; OpenSignal; Space Wifi  
2 Mon.
Jan. 23
Programmable Networks and Software Defined Networking (SDN) Basic network flows; OpenFlow as a datapath programming standard
(pptx, pdf)
Shenker motivation on SDN; Good overview of SDN architecture; B4 (Google SDN deployment); OF1.3 Spec; Open vSwitch Design and Implementation  
3 Wed.
Jan. 25
High-level datapath programming: blackbox
(pptx, pdf)
Maple; Maple tutorial  
4 Mon.
Jan. 30
High-level datapath programming: whitebox
(pptx, pdf)
Magellan; Frenetic; SNAP (distributed state)  
5 Wed.
Feb. 1
Whitebox progamming; OpenDaylight as Network OS design
(pptx, pdf)
NOX; ONIX; OpenDaylight; ONOS; PS1: Programmable SDN Part 1 (Basic Programming)
6 Mon.
Feb. 6
Network OS; Distributed network OS (Basic Paxos, Raft)
(pptx, pdf)
Paxos (slides, summary); Raft (slides, paper)
7 Wed.
Feb. 8
Distributed Network OS (Raft); From Data Store to Function Store
(pptx, pdf)
Raft (slides, paper)
Protocol oblivious programming (Not covered in class) P4-SIGCOMM14; P4 Spec; P4 tutorial
8 Mon.
Feb. 13
Wireless Networking: Foundations of emerging networking for 5G and IoT, including Bluetooth, WiFi, SDR Wireless background: Frequency domain analysis
(pptx, pdf)
Fourier Series; Quad Analysis; FT (optional); A demo of FT (optional) The Quadrature-Sampling Example part  
9 Wed.
Feb. 15
Wireless background: AM modulatation and demodulation
(pptx, pdf)
Gnuradio core concepts;
10 Mon.
Feb. 20
Wireless background: Digital modulatation and demodulation; Wireless channels
(pptx, pdf)
Sec. 2.1 of Tse (Wireless channel)
11 Wed.
Feb. 22
Wireless background: Design for diversity; Spread spectrum; Bluetooth; Symbol wave shaping (ISI)
(pptx, pdf)
Ch. 11 and 12 of Gast (http://search.library.yale.edu/catalog/7165546); Bluetooth specification, in particular check out Bluetooth 5;
12 Mon.
Feb. 27
Wireless background: Design for ISI; Symbol wave shaping; Vertibi; OFDM
(pptx, pdf)
Ch. 11 and 12 of Gast (http://search.library.yale.edu/catalog/7165546)
13 Wed.
Mar. 1
Wireless background: OFDM implementation; Wireless MAC
(pptx, pdf)
MAC chapters of Gast (http://search.library.yale.edu/catalog/7165546) PS2: Wireless Foundation
14 Mon.
Mar. 6
Wireless background: Hidden terminals; 802.11 MAC; New Mac designs (Zigzag)
(pptx, pdf)
802.11 Evolution; Zigzag; Remap (optional)
15 Wed.
Mar. 8
Wireless mesh networks capacity; Improve capacity
(pptx, pdf)
Gupta/Kumar capacity; Mobility increase capacity
16 Mon.
Mar. 27
Programmable (software-defined) wireless networking systems
(pptx, pdf)
GNU radio; SORA; OpenRadio
17 Wed.
Mar. 29
Mobile programming framework Sensor network OS: Tiny OS;
Mobile OS: Jave ME
(pptx, pdf)
Tiny OS; Java ME
18 Mon.
Apr. 3
Android: Basic App structure (Activities, View/Layout, Events); Execution model (thread, post, handler, ASyncTask)
(pptx, pdf)
Android Dev Guide; App fundamental; Activity; Layout; Processes and Threads
19 Wed.
Apr. 5
Android: inter-process communications (composition within a device)
(pptx, pdf)
Intents; Binder
20 Mon.
Apr. 10
Android: IPC internal; Linda as a naming/discovery framework; Network service discovery (mDNS, DNS-SD, Bonjour)
(pptx, pdf)
Android security analysis;
Linda; Try dns-sd; mDNS; DNS-SD Android NSD;
21 Wed.
Apr. 12
Building connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi Direct, cellular
(pptx, pdf)
Overview: Building connectivity;
Bluetooth programming;
Wifi Direct (WiFi P2P); Wifi Direct programming;
Manage network usage;
22 Wed.
Apr. 19
Making connections: Mobile/cloud coordination and integration; NFC/RFID basic ideas and programming;
(pptx, pdf)
Mobile/Cloud pub/sub: Thialfi; Google Firebase Cloud Messaging; Facebook Wormhole pub/sub;
General mobile/cloud integrationSapphire
RFID overview
23 Mon.
Apr. 24
New wireless technology Novel backscatters
(pptx, pdf)
Ambient backscatter; Wi-Fi Backscatter; Passive Wi-Fi; Inter-technology backscatter
24 Wed.
Apr. 26
Integration Localization as communications; Revisit lecture 1 slides
(pptx, pdf)
GPS; A Theory of localization; Emotion detection with wireless signals

LTE overview; IOT survey; IOT overview
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