Exam 2

Questions on the April 4th in-class exam will be drawn from:
  1. Regulating Technical Design, by Pam Samuelson (paper)
  2. Did MGM Really Win the Grokster Case?, by Pam Samuelson (paper)
  3. Incentives Build Robustness in Bit Torrent, by Bram Cohen (paper)
  4. Incentives in Bit Torrent Induce Free Riding, by S. Jun and M. Ahamad (paper)
  5. Faithfulness in Internet Algorithms, by J. Shneidman, D. Parkes, and L. Massoulié (paper)
  6. The Social Cost of Cheap Pseudonyms, by E. Friedman and P. Resnick (paper)
  7. A Game-Theoretic Framework for Analyzing Trust-Inference Protocols, by R. Morselli, J. Katz, and B. Bhattacharjee (paper, slides)