Key ideas to study for the exam on April 4, 2006

  1. Samuelson CACM articles on the MGM v. Grokster Supreme Court case. (paper 1, paper 2)
  2. Incentives Build Robustness in BitTorrent, by Cohen (Cohen) (paper)
  3. Faithfulness in Internet Algorithms, by Shneidman, Parkes, and Massoulié (SPM) (paper)
  4. Incentives in BitTorrent Induce Free Riding, by Jun and Ahamad (JA) (paper)
  5. The Social Cost of Cheap Pseudonyms, by Eric Friedman and Paul Resnick (paper)
  6. A Game-Theoretic Framework for Analyzing Trust-Inference Protocols, by R. Morselli, J. Katz, and B. Bhattacharjee (paper, slides)