ECON 425/563 & CPSC 455/555

Lecture on December 2nd, 2008

Bill Walsh's December 2 lecture will touch on the following topics, in varying levels of detail:

  1. Overview of CombineNet and real-world combinatorial auction applications
  2. Generalization of combinatorial auctions to "expressive commerce"
  3. Solving really large expressive auctions optimally
  4. Why the VCG auction is not practical in the real world
  5. Handling preference uncertainty
  6. Handling supply uncertainty
  7. Handling attributes

The following papers provide good background reading; the first two are the most important.

  1. A. T. Sandholm, "Expressive commerce and its application to sourcing: How we conducted $35 billion of generalized combinatorial auctions"
    (covers topics 1 - 3 at a high level)
  2. B. M. Rothkopf, "Thirteen reasons why the Vickrey-Clarke-Groves process is not practical"
    (covers topic 4)
  3. C. T. Sandholm, "Optimal winner determination algorithms"
    (covers topic 3 in a lot of detail)
  4. D. C. Boutilier, T. Sandholm, and R. Shields, "Eliciting bid taker non-price preferences in (combinatorial) auctions"
    (covers topic 5)
  5. E. C. Boutilier, D.C. Parkes, T. Sandholm, W.E. Walsh, "Expressive banner ad auctions and model-based online optimization for clearing"
    (covers topic 6)