Fall 2016 Computer Science 458 Lecture 12: 10/24/2016



  • Per piazza posting, Jieung Kim office hours: Monday and Wednesdays, 5:30 pm to 7:30pm. AKW 311.
  • Here is a draft list of sample final projects.

  • Final projects are due the last day of reading period.

  • Guest speaker Monday October 24th: Sam Shleifer, Kensho.
    Sam is a Data Scientist at Kensho Technologies in Cambridge, MA, building models focused on predicting investor behavior in python.

    Before Kensho, he graduated from Yale ('15), where his Economics thesis, which analyzed Peer to Peer lending, won the prize for the best undergraduate finance thesis. He had internships with an education non-profit, two pro sports teams, and a hedge fund in Brazil.

    Dinner guests:    
      Adam Erickson
      Michael Bogarty
      Chris Gunther
      Stephanie Hickman
      William Sun
  • Assignment 3

    See Assignments


  • Cognitive Models of Decision Making: VOTE
  • A Realistic Model of Rationality (More readable PDF version of above.)