Security through barriers.
Yale University Department of Computer Science
CS 461: Foundations of Cryptography
Michael J. Fischer

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Gloves from a space suit.
Butterflys grow safely inside.
The Jefferson wheel.
An early encoding device.
Entrance to a Ming Dynasty tomb, north of Beijing, China
A securable approach to an underground tomb.

Additional readings for course (beyond textbook)

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A very good starting place for general cryptography information is the Crypto Mini-FAQ. It contains links to many other resources, including the now out-of-date (but still useful) 10-part Cryptography FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). Another good on-line FAQ is maintained at the RSA Labs website.

Gnu Multiprecision Arithmetic Package (GMP)

This package contains efficient routines for performing arbitrary-precision arithmetic. The functions most relevant for this course are the mpz functions, which operate on large signed integers.

Relevant Newsgroups

The unmoderated newsgroup sci.crypt contains mixture of postings on a wide variety of crypto-related topics.
The moderated newsgroup sci.crypt.research has low volume and technically focused postings.

Other Resources on the Web

Ron Rivest (the "R" of RSA) maintains an index of links to a wealth of information on cryptography and security.

The USACM Encryption Policy Library contains pointers to policy debates, position papers, and pending legislation concerning encryption and computer security.

Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Systems publishes a monthly cryptograpy newsletter, Crypto-gram. This is a good source of news on the current state of computer security and cryptography policy.

The DES Standard at the NIST web site.

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