Security through authority.
Yale University Department of Computer Science
CS 467: Cryptography and Computer Security
Michael J. Fischer

Course Handouts, Spring 2013
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  1. Syllabus (.pdf)

  2. Problem Set 1 (.pdf)

  3. Problem Set 2 (.pdf)

  4. Problem Set 3 (.pdf)

  5. Number theory summary (.pdf)

  6. Linear congruence equations (.pdf)

  7. Problem Set 4 (.pdf)

  8. Problem Set 5 (.pdf)

  9. Problem Set 6 (.pdf)

  10. Problem Set 7 (.pdf)

Handouts are available in two formats:

  • PDF files can be read and printed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader® software.

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    You can also use other PDF viewers on the Zoo such as okular.
  • HTML files can be viewed directly in your browser. However, mathematical symbols do not render properly on all browsers, and heavily-mathematical notes can become unreadable. Where both formats are available, it is preferable to print from PDF files.
All of the .pdf handouts can be found in the Zoo directory /c/cs467/course/handouts.

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