CPSC 433b: Computer Networks, Spring 2002

Topics (tentative)


        What is the Internet, What is a protocol?
        The Network Edge, Core, and Access Networks
        Physical Media
        Delay and Loss in Packet-Switched Networks
        Protocol Layers and Their Service Models
        Internet Backbones, NAPs and ISPs
        A Brief History of Computer Networking and the Internet

The Application Layer
        Principles of Application-Layer Protocols
        The World Wide Web: HTTP
        File Transfer: FTP
        Electronic Mail in the Internet
        The Internet's Directory Service: DNS
        Active names (from [VD98])
        Socket Programming

The Link Layer and Local Area Networks
        The Data Link Layer: Introduction, Services
        Error Detection and Correction
        Multiple Access Protocols and LANs
        LAN Addresses and ARP
        Ethernet (supplemented by [MB76, MBK88])
        Hubs, Bridges and Switches
        Wireless LANs: IEEE 802.11
        PPP: the Point-to-Point Protocol

The Network Layer
        Introduction and Network Service Model
        Routing Principles
        Hierarchical Routing
        IP: the Internet Protocol
        Routing Protocols in the Internet
        Internet Routing Behaviors (from [Bol93])
        What is Inside a Router? (supplemented by [P+98])
        Multicast routing (supplemented by papers)

The Transport Layer
        Transport-Layer Services and Principles
        Multiplexing and Demultiplexing Applications
        Connectionless Transport: UDP
        Principles of Reliable of Data Transfer
        TCP case study
        Principles of Congestion Control
        TCP Congestion Control (supplemented by [Jac88, CJ89])
        Rate-based Congestion Control

Multimedia Networking
        Multimedia Networking Applications
        Streaming Stored Audio and Video
        Making the Best of the Best-Effort Service: An Internet Phone Example
        Beyond Best Effort
        Scheduling and Policing Mechanisms for Providing QoS Guarantees
        Integrated Services
        Differentiated Services

Security in Computer Networks
        What is Network Security?
        Principles of Cryptography
        Authentication: Who are You?
        Key Distribution and Certification

Network Management and Measurement
        What is Network Management?
        The Internet Network Management Framework