Paper review: <PAPER TITLE>


  1. State the problem the paper is trying to solve.
  2. State the main contribution of the paper: solving a new problem, proposing a new algorithm, or presenting a new evaluation (analysis). If a new problem, why was the problem important? Is the problem still important today? Will the problem be important tomorrow?  If a new algorithm or new evaluation (analysis), what are the improvements over previous algorithms or evaluations? How do they come up with the new algorithm or evaluation? 
  3. Summarize the (at most) 3 key main ideas (each in 1 sentence.) 
  4. Critique the main contribution
  5. What lessons should researchers and builders take away from this work. What (if any) questions does this work leave open?

Note: the purpose of this template is to serve as a starting point, instead of a constraint. Use your judgment and creativity. Some advice through the resource link of the class can be helpful.