Paper review: Integrated Services in the Internet

Reviewer: Jason Oh

  1. This paper evaluates existing issues with the Internet architecture that interfere with supporting real-time as well as non-real-time service of IP.
  2. The main contribution of this paper is to evaluate the necessary architecture for real-time transactions over the Internet, including multicasting. The authors evaluate integrated services model as a concept and address existing issues regarding its deployment.
  3. The Internet was not originally designed to offer sophisticated quality of service. Before real-time applications can become pervasive on the Internet, the infrastructure must be modified to support real-time quality of service, and this service must be capable from the beginning of handling multicasts.
  4. This paper rates a 4 for its contribution to the real-time services model on the Internet. The issues that it discusses are important to provide the quality of service necessary for such applications as remote video and multimedia conferencing.
  5. The methodology of the paper is logical and thorough as the authors introduce and address criteria for quality of service of real-time communications. The authors integrate their discussion of these criteria into their evaluation of the integrated services concept.