Title: "The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols".

Author: Yu Liao


The motivations, reasonings, phisolophies behind the design of the DARPA Internet Protocols


Through illustrating the Fundamental goal, and cataloging the second-level goals, the authors reason about the design of the Internet Protocols, how tradeoff is made to achieve the goals, these reasoning is helpful in understanding the Internet Protocols, why they're as they are today, on the other hand, it also helps guide designers design new network protocols, or make improvements over existing protocols.

Key Ideas


Lessons learned

Reasearchers should prioritize the goals, and tradeoff the great variety of designs to meet the goals. It's a mistake to only attend to the functionality, while ignoring the performance issue, but how to formalize any apspect of performance constraints within the architecture is chllenging, and left open in the paper.