Paper Review:
IP Multicast Channels: EXPRESS Support for Large-scale Single-source Applications

Reviewer: Robert Dugas


This paper addresses the problem of extending current IP multicast to become more scalable, accountable, and secure.


The author proposes an EXplicitly REquested Single-Source multicast system which includes adaptations to address the problems mentioned above

Main Ideas

  • Multicast content should be divided into channels, delivery services designated by the sender and the channel destination address
  • Multicast recipients would subscribe to particular channels
  • Subscription protocol would account provide access control as well as user counting
  • Critique

    Although not supported by extensive testing the multicast protocol proposed here could potentially become a widely used web content distribution and billing model

    Although some simultion results were included at toward the end of the paper, the paper is largely theoretical, with algorithmic bounds serving as performance indicators.

    As mentioned above, this paper lacks extensive real-world testing to show that the proposed protocol extensions would work on a large scale. In addition the cost calculations performed are somewhat sketchy such as the 18 cent per subscriber per year result.

    The real lesson of this paper is that the current IP multicast model is not sufficient to support commercial, broadly distributed content delivery. The model proposed is a step in that direction.