Paper Review: Hash-based IP Traceback

Reviewer: Mark Meras (mm446)

Main Contribution

This paper talks about a new method of tracing the source of IP packets in a network in which multiple malicious sources and routers can be present. The paper demonstrates that even a single IP packet can be traced back to its source using a Bloom hashing scheme to keep track of packet digests.

Key Points

Critique of Contribution

The contribution seems very relevant. Its greatest achievement is in its ability to trace the source back using only one packet. Many other traceback techniques use a probabilistic approach that requires many packets to identify the source of the flow.

Open Question

There seems to be something arbitrary about which fields are masked. How would this technique scale to IP v6? It seems the efficiency would go down quite a bit due to much greater storage/memory space required for each router to keep the Transform Lookup Table.