Paper review: General AMID Congestion Control

Reviewer: Kevin Hofstra

  1. What is the best algorithm for congestion avoidance? Should all protocols, such as UDP and other best effort, time sensitive also be forced to abide by congestion parameters? Can flow parameters be altered to allow different sending rates?
  2. An evaluation of the different congestion control algorithms, and an attempt to make improvements on their efficiency, fairness, and convergence speed. Investigation into how parameters effect sending rates. An analysis of the GAIMD as TCP-Friendly.
  4. Critique the main contribution
  5. System researchers and builders should recognize that the major point in the success of GAIMD is the fact that it has been proved TCP-Friendly. Therefore it will not throw off the balance that TCP congestion control is establishing. The fact that is is true while modifying the parameters of backoff allows GAIMD to be fine tuned for best performance. We have reduced the backoff in attempt to increase efficiency and reduce conversion time, and the paper shows us that this is possible without sacrificing congestion avoidance stability.