Paper Review:
A Reliable Multicast Framework for Light-weight Sessions and Application Level Framing

Reviewer: Robert Dugas


Although many solutions have been propsed to support mulitcast for different application requirements. A general frame work to support all requirements, however, risks compromising too much in an attempt to please everyone.


This paper analyzes the SMR system in terms of both efficiency and scalability.

Main Ideas


The multicast scheme proposed by the authors appears to represent a significant advance in this realm. The papers we have read to date take the approach of optimizing a specific mulitcast scenario whereas this paper achieves a more generalizable results.

The paper conducts extesive testing with the wp application. These results seem convincing but it is unclear that they can be extended effectively as yet.

As the authors' main point seems to be adaptability and broad ranging applications, it seems odd that their testing focused on only wb. A more substantial testbed would have been more convincing. Lessons:
Pushing functionality down to the application level most often produces optimal results.