Last updated 11/12/2001

Schedule & Notes

Note: The schedule is subject to change. The slides for a future class are for reference only.  They will be changed before the class.

Lecture Date Topic Required reading

Notes and Questions

1 9/5 Overview, goals, logistics (ppt, pdf)   No review due
Internet architecture and philosophy
2 9/10 Internet architecture, layering, and end-to-end arguments (ppt, pdf) Cla88, SRC84  
3 9/12 TCP/IP protocols (ppt, pdf) CK74, Hin95  
MAC and link layer
4 9/17 Ethernet, Wireless LAN (ppt, pdf) MB76, BDSZ94  
Internet measurement (on routing, delay, and loss)
5 9/19 Internet measurement on routing, delay, bandwidth and loss (ppt, pdf) Bol93, Pax96  
Traffic management--congestion control
6 9/24 TCP congestion control (ppt, pdf) Jac88,
7 9/26 The AIMD algorithm (ppt, pdf) CJ89, YL00  
8 10/1 TCP/Vegas (ppt, pdf) BP95  
9 10/3 Congestion control in wireless environments (ppt, pdf) BPSK97  
10 10/8 TCP-friendly congestion control (ppt, pdf) BBFS01  
11 10/10 Vulnerability and defense of end-to-end congestion control (ppt, pdf) SCWA99, MFW01  
Traffic management--application adaptation
12 10/15 Student holiday.    
13 10/17 Application adaptation to variations of bandwidth (ppt, pdf) RHE99  
14 10/22 Application adaptation to variations of delay (ppt, pdf) RKTS94 Also check [MKT98]
Project topic presentation
15 10/24 Project topic presentation    
Traffic management--router mechanisms
16 10/29 Router feedback as prices (ppt, pdf)LA00  
17 10/31 Virtual queue and its control (ppt, pdf)SS01  
18 11/5 Integrated and differentiated service architectures (ppt, pdf)BCS94, B+98  
19 11/7 Packet scheduling algorithms (ppt, pdf)DKS89  
New network security issues
20 11/12 Distributed denial of service (ppt, pdf)SPSJ+01  
21 11/14 Multicast security (ppt, pdf)YZLL01 See [YL00] for a proof of lower bound
Fall recess (11/19, 11/21 no classes)
Beyond unicast (multicast, p2p)
22 11/26 IP multicast (ppt, pdf)HC99  
23 11/28 Application layer multicast (ppt, pdf)CRSZ01  
24 12/3 Multicast transport (reliability and congestion control) (ppt, pdf) FJML+95  
25 12/5 P2P networking ( ppt, pdf, longer version ) CSWH00  
  12/19 Term paper due at 2:15pm in my office