CPSC610: Topics in Computer Science and Law

Time: Wed, 9:25 to 11:15 am
Location: AKW 100
Instructor: Joan Feigenbaum
TF: Sam Marullo (sam.marullo@yale.edu)
Assistant: Judi Paige (AKW 507A, Judi.Paige@yale.edu, 203-436-1267)

Course Description
This course focuses on socio-technical problems in computing, i.e., problems that cannot be solved through technological progress alone but rather require legal, political, or cultural progress as well. Examples include but are not limited to computer security, intellectual property protection, cyber crime, cyber war, surveillance, and online privacy. The course is addressed to graduate students in Computer Science who are interested in socio-technical issues but whose undergraduate work may not have addressed them; it is designed to bring these students rapidly to the point at which they can do research on socio-technical problems. Students do term projects (either papers or software artifacts) and present them at the end of the term.

Enrollment limit
In order to ensure that there is enough time for both midterm feedback on project proposals and in-class presentation of the finished projects, enrollment is limited to fifteen. If fewer than fifteen Computer Science graduate students enroll, Yale College undergraduates will be allowed to enroll with permission of the instructor.

The basics of cryptography and computer security (as covered in CPSC 467), networks (as covered in CPSC 433), and databases (as covered in CPSC 437), or permission of the instructor.

January 17, 2018: Introduction

January 24, 2018: "Fairness" in data mining, part 1 January 31, 2018: "Fairness" in data mining, part 2 February 7, 2018: Cyber war vs. cyber espionage, part 1 February 14, 2018: Cyber war vs. cyber espionage, part 2 February 21, 2018: Cybercrime February 28, 2018: Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election March 7, 2018: Social networks and objectionable content March 28, 2018: Cryptocurrencies, Part I April 4, 2018: Cryptocurrencies, Part II April 11, 18, and 25, 2018: Final-Project Presentations