Course Information for CPSC 633a, Fall 2001

Time: MW 2:30-3:45pm
Place: AKW 200 (AKW 500 starting from 09/12)
Instructor: Y. Richard Yang (
Office: AKW 202
Office hours: MW 1:30-2:30pm or by appointment
Class page:


The objectives of this class are to understand how the Internet works, to appreciate good networking research, and to write a term paper on networking.  We will start with the basics and cover various aspects of current networking research, including internetworking philosophies, LAN technologies, routing and router design, congestion control,  quality of service, network security issues, and multicast.  Students will read papers before the class, submit a review for one of the papers, and  participate in class discussion.  The topic of the term paper can be design/implementation, measurement, simulation, or a survey of a  particular topic.



Paper reviews. The objective of paper reviews is to make you appreciate good networking research. We will have 23 paper discussion sessions,  and in each session, we will have one to two papers. Before each class, you should read all of the required papers. Also, you will prepare a (approximately) 1-page written review for one of the paper chosen by yourself. (here is a template for paper reviews.) The review  must be turned in electronically  before the start of the class that discusses the paper. Details on how to submit your reviews is here. You can skip up to 3 reviews with no grading penalty.

Class participation.  If you do not regularly participate in discussions, you will not get as much out of the class as you could. Your class participation will be based on two factors: (1) The instructor's assessment of whether you are regularly involved in the discussions over the course of the semester. If at the end of the semester the instructor cannot remember at least one question you have asked in the class, you have not actively participated in the class.  (2) There will be several pop quizzes on the reading assignments over the course of the semester. If you turn in a review (e.g., claim to have read and understood the paper) but your quiz indicates that you don't understand the paper, the instructor will lower your class participation grade.

Term paper. There will also be a project in this class, and you need to write a term paper to report your results. The topic of the term paper can be design/implementation, measurement, simulation, or a survey of a  particular topic.  At the end of most classes, the instructor will pose a potential project topic.  The instructor will also provide a list of potential topics by the end of September. You are encouraged to choose a partner if you choose a topic that is not a survey paper. You should  schedule a time to talk to the instructor before you decide your topic. Your topic should be determined by October 24, and you are expected to present  your choice in the class.


I strongly encourage you to discuss the papers with anyone you can. That's the way good science happens. As a professional, you should acknowledge significant contributions or collaborations in your written or spoken presentations.

The paper reviews should reflect your understanding of the paper. It is not acceptable to turn in a summary if you have not made an honest effort to read the paper. Never read another student's summary before you have turned in your own. If you do not read a paper, use one of your skip credits.