CPSC 4/583 Deep Learning for Graph-structured Data - Looking for TA/ULAs

Aug 19, 2022 • Tyler S. on behalf of Rex Y.

I’m excited to offer a new course “Deep Learning for Graph-structured Data” (CPSC 483 / 583) this coming fall semester. It introduces advanced deep learning techniques specifically by leveraging graph structure and relational inductive biases. Despite the tremendous interest in this field in recent years, this is one of the very few courses on this topic worldwide so far.

As such, I’m also looking for very motivated TAs / UTAs with strong background in deep learning / machine learning (and willing to learn graph learning along the way) to help with the course. Anyone who’s interested could send me an email titled “[Application for CPSC 483 / 583 TAs]”, with a CV, and your transcript showing the grade for one of the following classes: CPSC 452 (deep learning), 453 (unsupervised learning) or 481 (ML). Past experiences on graph representation learning, GNNs, knowledge graphs etc. are very much welcomed.

Thanks, Rex