Robot user study with virtual reality

Mar 25, 2023 • Qiping Z.

The Yale Robotics Group would like to know if you are interested in participating in another user study interacting with a mobile robot in virtual reality.

In our new study, you will interact with a robot navigating you to a goal position in simulation. The robot will occasionally talk to you in the interaction as well. We will ask you to be video- and audio- recorded during the interaction with the robot. Participants need to have normal or normal-to-corrected vision with contact lenses. The flyer of our study is attached to this email. Participating takes 45-60 minutes, and you will be rewarded $15.

If you are interested, please sign up using this calendly link: (or scan the QR code in the flyer). The study will happen in 51 Prospect St (Arthur K. Watson Hall of Yale University), Room 400, New Haven. Please feel free to email me or call ‪(512) 871-8061 for further details!