CPSC 439 Software Engineering Project Fair

Apr 26, 2023 • Tyler S. on behalf of Timos A.

Project Fair for the Software Engineering course (CPSC 439/539). Students will be demonstrating the amazing group projects they worked on this term!

Date: Thursday, April 27 (Tomorrow) Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Location: 17 Hillhouse Avenue, Room 101 - TEAL (HLH17 101)

Guests are encouraged to interact with the students’ software and ask questions. Many of the teams will continue working on their projects after the term is over and any feedback on their work will be very welcome!

Thank you, Timos


The Spring 2023 teams are:

  • Cinematch, a social networking app that allows users to find movies to watch with their friends.

  • Foodme, a food waste reduction app that allows users to purchase surplus food from restaurants and grocery stores at a discounted price.

  • here2, a social networking web application focused on addressing issues related to peer coordination, by enabling users to centrally share in advance events and plans within their social networks.

  • iCare, an iPad/web application to revolutionize the way patients in hospitals communicate with healthcare staff, as many patients are unable to communicate verbally due to conditions such as stroke, heart attack, aphasia, or language barriers.

  • IdleIvy, a game on blockchain with idle game mechanics, where users can idly earn the game’s token and have custody of the game’s currency.

  • myhour, a platform that unifies selling services as a freelancer with tutoring and support.

  • Shoutify, a social add-on for Spotify that allows users to leave comments on songs and their lyrics.

  • Tempo, a task-tracking app specifically designed to help students develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance, aiming to help reduce stress and prevent burnout.

  • YIMS, an app providing up-to-date information on Yale’s intramural sports competition, allowing users to easily view college leaderboards, access past game records, and sign up for games.

  • YPaths, an app helping students design their college paths: schedules, majors, and daily commutes.