Refugee Program Seminar on Thursday, 10/26

Oct 20, 2023 • Tarana J.

I’ve attached the poster for the Refugee Program seminar AI, Digital Identities, Biometrics, Blockchain: How the Use of Technology is Changing Migration Globally, Dr. Raphaela Schweiger. This is a hybrid with in-person speaker seminar on Thursday, October 26th, at 4:00-5:15pm.

The registration link is:

Event Description: The seminar led by Dr. Raphaela Schweiger will delve into the profound impacts of digitalization and technological advancements on migration and refugee policies. In a world shaped by rapid technological change, this seminar offers an exploration of the evolving landscape, both globally and in some specific cases in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Technology has already begun reshaping the experiences of migrants, refugees, and those on the move. From AI-powered virtual psychotherapy in refugee camps to blockchain-based solutions for identity verification, the migration management field is undergoing a profound evolution.

Raphaela Schweiger is a 2023 Yale World Fellow and the Director of the Migration Program at the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

For more information and to learn more about the Yale Refugee Program, please visit Yale MacMillan Center Program on Refugees