Zoo network updates next Wednesday Nov. 15th for 17 HLH Nodes

Nov 10, 2023 • Tim B.

12 of our Zoo machines are located in 17 Hillhouse. That building is scheduled for the next generation network (NGN) migration next Wednesday Nov. 15th. I’ve met with our Zoo support team and others in ITS coordinating this migration so that everyone is aware of what needs to be done to keep those Zoo machines operational after the change. Just in case we run into any issues with these 12 nodes, we’re going to temporarily remove them from the DNS round-robin rotation on node.zoo.cs.yale.edu. That means, if you use the name ‘node’ to connect to a Zoo machine, it will send you to one of the machines in AKW until we’ve checked that everything is still working as expected. These 12 machines will still be physically available to use in room 111.

The main change that you will notice after the migration is that the Zoo machines will only be accessible from within Yale’s network. If you are off campus, then you can connect to the Yale VPN before logging in to the Zoo. If you need to set up the VPN, you can find instructions here. https://studenttechnology.yale.edu/new-students/set-virtual-private-network-vpn

The rest of the Zoo machines in AKW will continue to be accessible from off-campus without the VPN until AKW’s NGN migration which will take place on Dec 6-7th. By the time we get to this migration we should already know how to deal with any potential issues based on our experience with the 17 Hillhouse migration.