ULAs needed for some classes SP24

Jan 21, 2024 • Ozan E

Dear Students / CS Majors,

I hope you had a fantastic start to the semester. We are still looking for ULA candidates for the classes below. If you are interested in being a ULA, please fill out the form or change the preference order if you have already applied.


  • CPSC 323 - Introduction to Systems Programming and Computer Organization - MOST IMPORTANT
  • CPSC 486 - Probabilistic Machine Learning
  • CPSC 487 - 3D Spatial Modeling and Computing
  • CPSC 419 - Full-Stack Programming
  • CPSC 449 - Quantum Information Systems

Application Form: https://forms.gle/bJGmvGhQEiSf44Vm8

Thank you, Ozan Erat TF/ULA Coordinator