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Zoo Remote Access

Using the Zoo away from the Zoo

Of course, you don't need to be physically in the Zoo to use the Zoo machines. You can log into the nodes remotely from any of the public computer clusters at Yale, or from your room if it is networked. The primary public clusters are located in:

LAN-based access to the Zoo

If you are on a networked PC or Macintosh (at home or in a cluster), you can use an SSH client, such as SecureCRT or F-Secure SSH. The zoo is no longer accessible via "kerberized telnet."

Remember, you must specify the name of the Zoo machine you wish to connect to (e.g., python.cs.yale.edu).

Depending on your connection type, you may also be able to have Zoo applications that require X Windows display their content on your machine. To do this, you will need an X Server built for the platform from which you plan to connect to the Zoo.

If you need more information about connecting to the network from your room, contact one of the Computing Assistants in your residential college.

Dial-up access to the Zoo

If you're coming in through one of Yale's PPP lines, the procedure is a bit more complicated. Please check out the Yale ITS remote access support pages for more information.

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