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Web Publishing

Creating your web page

To setup a directory for your web documents, type the following two commands:

1. mkdir ~/public_html
This creates the subdirectory in your home directory in which the web server will look for your documents.
2. chmod a+x ~/public_html
This sets the permissions on that directory so the web server can read the documents in it.

Make sure that any files you put in ~/public_html are world-readable. You can set this by typing chmod a+r ~/public_html/filename for each file filename or chmod a+r ~/public_html/* to make all files in ~/public_html world-readable. You'll also want to make sure that all the parent directories of your web documents are world-searchable, via chmod a+x. Your quota on the Zoo file server is also the limit for the size of your web space.

The URL http://zoo.cs.yale.edu/~NetID/ points to the file index.html in your html directory.

See the Yale Webmaster's Web authoring resources and the Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media for more tips on web publishing.

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