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About the Zoo

The Zoo is Yale University's Computer Science Department's undergraduate computing laboratory. It is a cluster of 38 multiprocessor Intel machines running openSUSE and Windows, and is located on the third floor of Arthur K. Watson Hall at 51 Prospect Street.

Working in the Zoo

See our local collection of online help resources for help in using the Zoo, including policies and rules, hardware and software information, and a brief tutorial to help new users get started.

Online Zoo Tools

The online Zoo Tools allow you to find out who is currently logged in to the Zoo, see which nodes are free for remote login, request account upgrades, and make trouble reports.

Zoo Resources

The Zoo is the home of DSAC, the Departmental Student Advisory Committee. It also hosts a collection of personal home pages for undergraduate CS students.

Latest DSAC! September 4, 2008

It's true. There are still SIX members of DSAC for your pizza-purveying pleasure. They can also do such things as FingerOfDoom you if your perl script gets out of hand, or let you know exactly what they think of the classes you're planning on taking.
So keep your eye on this spot for info on the next DSAC pizza party - coming soon to a Zoo near you!

Old News

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