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  • 1 Dec. I've just posted a study guide to exam 2 (.pdf) which you might find useful in reviewing for tomorrow's exam. Sorry for the lateness in posting it.

  • 15 Nov. I posted cleaned-up versions of the exceptions demos presented in class last Thursday to the Lecture Notes page.

  • 10 Nov. End of term announcements:

    1. Second hour exam will be held during the last regular class period of the term, Thursday, December 2, 1:00-2:15 pm.

    2. Term Project (.pdf).

      • A one-page project proposal is due on Thursday, November 18. It can be submitted online as assignment number "5-proposal"

      • The completed project and report are due on the last day of Reading Period, Friday, December 10. They can be submitted online as assignment number "6-project".

        This deadline cannot be extended except by a Temporary Incomplete authorized by the student's residential college dean.

      If you are not certain what would make a good term project, please ask.

    3. There is no final exam, and class will not meet during exam week.
  • 8 Nov. I added a reference on the resources page to the online book, C++ FAQs, Second Edition, by Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, and Mike Girou.

  • 5 Nov. Reminder: "Can is not the same as should!" (lecture 1)

  • 26 Oct. Here is the link to the code for PS4. (I need to find a more permanent place for links to the assignment directory on the Zoo.) Sorry for any confusion.

  • 25 Oct. I just posted Problem Set 4 (.pdf). It is due before midnight on Friday, November 5.

  • 12 Oct. I just posted the solution for problem set 3. It can be found in /c/cs427/assignments/ps3/solution on the Zoo.

    My solution has 7 classes: Random, Params, Player, FicklePlayer, CrowdPlayer, Population, and Simulator. You should think about why this is or is not a logical way to structure this problem. What does the simulator need to know about the population in order to carry out its simulation? What does the population need to know about the individual players?

  • 12 Oct. I've just posted a study guide to exam 1 (.pdf) which you might find helpful in preparing for Thursday's exam. Please let me know if I have inadvertently included sections of the textbook on the reading list that we simply haven't covered.

  • 5 Oct. Two important announcements:

    1. The due date for Problem Set 3 has been extended to before midnight, Friday, October 8.

    2. The midterm exam will be next week on Thursday, October 14, at the regular class time and place.

      (I apologize for teling some of you today that it would not be so soon, but I the Yale College drop date is October 22, and I want to allow enough time to get the graded exams back to you before then.)

  • 30 Sep. I just posted the solution for problem set 2 that was discussed in class today. The code is in /c/cs427/assignments/ps2/solution on the Zoo.

  • 28 Sep. I just posted Problem Set 3 (.pdf). It is due before midnight on Wednesday, October 6.

  • 24 Sep. The email address for me that used to be on this page was incorrect. I actually have two addresses that both work:

    If you were trying to send me email and it bounced, please retry using one of these two.

  • 23 Sep. I just posted a solution for the programming part of problem set 1. The code is in assignments/ps1/solution.

  • 19 Sep. I just posted Problem Set 2 (.pdf). It is due before midnight on Monday, September 27.

  • 15 Sep. Scroll down to see new TA office location and office hours.

  • 14 Sep. The instructions for remote connection to the Zoo are posted as handout 3 (.pdf).

  • 10 Sep. I just posted Problem Set 1 (.pdf). It is due before midnight on Friday, September 17.

  • 8 Sep.I posted notes and demos for lecture 2 to the Lecture Notes page. The demos can be also accessed directly from the Zoo in directory /c/cs427/lectures/.

  • 5 Sep. I just posted somewhat expanded and reorganized slides from Thursday's lecture 1 (.pdf). Links to all of the available lecture notes can always be found at Lecture Notes.

  • 3 Sep. Welcome to the CPSC 427a web site. Look here for announcements and course materials.

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