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CS 467: Cryptography and Computer Security
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  • 3 May. Two announcements:

    • Please prepare your solutions to optional Problem set 6 in electronic form and submit them to the Zoo via the usual submit script. That way the TA can begin grading them while he is still in China.

    • The final exam will be held in BCT 102 on Thursday, May 6, 2010 beginning at 2:00 pm. Please note that this is different from our regular classroom. The final is a "two hour" exam for which you will be given 2½ hours.

  • 23 Apr. I have decided to have an optional problem set so that you will have some practice with the protocols that we've been discussing in the latter part of the course. Problem set 6 (.pdf) is due on the last day of reading period, Monday, May 3.

    If you choose to do PS6, the score you receive on it will replace your lowest score on a proportional part of any of the components (problem sets, midterm, final) that comprise your course grade total. If you do not turn in PS6, this will have no effect on your grade total.

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