• Yale Computer Science DSAC

    Departmental Student Advisory Committee

    Give us feedback!
  • Yale Computer Science DSAC

    Departmental Student Advisory Committee

    Give us feedback!
  • Yale Computer Science DSAC

    Departmental Student Advisory Committee

    Give us feedback!

What is DSAC?

DSAC is the Computer Science Departmental Student Advisory Committee. The committee's primary task is to represent Yale CS students to the faculty and administration, meeting with the Director of Undegraduate Studies and Department Chair several times a year.

The committee consists of five undergraduate CS majors who are appointed or elected by popular vote each year. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the committee is:

  • Jessica Ambrosio, JE '19 (she/her/hers)
  • Emmett (ECR) Chen-Ran, DC '20 (he/him/his)
  • Annie Chen, ES '19 (she/her/hers)
  • James Pastan, DC '20 (he/him/his)
  • Yuxuan Ke, BR '19 (he/him/his)

For more information on DSAC's mission and principles, please take a look at the DSAC Charter. To look for past DSAC members, you can flip through the DSAC photo album.

CS Clubs Events Calendar

The cs[dot]dsac[at]yale[dot]edu Google Calendar centralizes all the events that CS clubs at Yale organize. Please utilize this resource to update the CS community on your group's activities, avoid scheduling conflicts, and plan out event programming.

To add an event to this calendar, invite cs[dot]dsac[at]yale[dot]edu to your Google Calendar event.

To view this calendar from your Google Calendar, click the "+ Google Calendar" button on the lower right of the iframe. To view this calendar from your iCal, click here.


Feel free to come to us with any concerns or questions that you might have as a CS student. You can email us at dsac[at]cs[dot]yale[dot]edu or you can hover your mouse on the images below to find out how you can communicate your thoughts to us.


DSAC Coffee Chats

Want to get free coffee and chat about the Yale CS Department? Sign up for a coffee chat here.


Pimp My Zoo

Tell us about all the improvements and/or renovations that you would like to see in the zoo through this form.


General Feedback

If you have feedback regarding anything related to the CS department, and your schedule is too crammed for a coffee chat, you can give us your feedback through this form.


Check out the Yale DSAC Wiki for your source on everything Yale CS-related!


Academics and Zoo Guides

The Director of Undergraduate Studies Page contains information about advising, major requirements, and more.
A cheat sheet written by former 223 ULAs about Unix and the Zoo.
A cheat sheet written by former 223 ULAs about using SFTP with Sublime Text

Computer Science Affiliated Clubs


We work with local nonprofits and public agencies to pinpoint their most pressing technical needs and scope viable, sustainable student projects that address them. Additionally, we also want to change the way that techies think of the public sphere, so we’ll be holding talks, workshops, and other events aimed at doing this.


Code Haven is a Yale undergraduate student organization that teaches weekly computing lessons at middle schools, engaging students with online lessons, unplugged activities and class wide demonstrations. Code Haven also runs events related to computer science education to promote its mission outside the classroom.

Float/Women in CS

Float is Yale’s undergraduate society for women and gender minorities in computer science. We organize events aimed at increasing the community within the computer science major as well as offer professional development opportunities with corporate partners. Another aspect of our organization is our technical workshops which aim to introduce members of the CS community to interesting new technologies and projects.

Hack Mental Health

Our mission is to foster the leading community of mental health advocates and technologists and enable them to innovate and advance mental health care through technology. Hosting a mental health hackathon February 22-24, 2019.


We’re team Sandbox, the club that ideates and implements student-created, student-run, technical solutions to real-world problems. By the end of the Spring 2019 semester, we aim to have Sandbox built and launched five beta-stage web or native applications, each addressing a well-defined issue. We’ll be learning and using a stack of new and hot technologies: React, Firebase, Redux, Git, Sketch, etc. We’ll also host industry speakers and pitch events.


SheCode holds 3-4 weekend sessions per semester to teach New Haven middle and high school girls to code (Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python), inspiring them to explore their interests in computer science and STEM and creating a collaborative learning environment for new programmers with Yale CS majors serving as mentors and TAs.


Empowers creators on campus. Provides a web-platform for people from disparate disciplines to connect, collaborate and build projects. Also hosts offline events like workshops and talks to facilitate great ideas.

Yale Computer Society

The Yale Computer Society works on several projects throughout the year to improve the experience of students interested in technology and entrepreneurship at Yale. Typically we host talks, student or industry run workshops, and also hold career related events.

Yale Helix Group

Helix is an undergraduate student club that creates ventures that disrupt healthcare. Helix Innovation Fellows will form dream teams with the doctors and launch ventures through meetings, user research and lots of coding/engineering.

Yale Entrepreneurial Society

We organize speaker events, workshop series, trips and treks to NYC and Boston, mentorship program, and elevator pitch competitions to connect entrepreneurial-minded students with successful co-founders of startups and people in venture capital funds.


The Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association promotes and advances aerospace engineering through collaboration, innovation, and outreach. YUAA cultivates leaders who meet challenges with discipline and creativity.

Yale Undergraduate Intelligent Vehicles

Yale InVe aims to engage and inspire talented Yale engineers through exciting autonomous unmanned vehicle competitions. From autonomous ground vehicles to robotic sailboats, members cultivate software, electrical, and mechanical skills while designing and implementing competitive systems.

Yale Undergraduate Society of Women Engineers

SWE is an organization dedicated to creating a space for women and gender minorities in Yale's engineering department. Between our National Chapter, connection with the graduate SWE chapter, and other professional development and community opportunities, we strive to make engineering a welcoming place for all. Every year, we attend the National SWE conference which is the world’s largest conference for women in engineering.