DSAC Charter


This is the charter of the Departmental Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) for the Yale Department of Computer Science.

Established March 28, 2018. Revised April 9th, 2023 to expand DSAC from five students to six.


To provide representation for undergraduates in the Computer Science Department, that is, to provide a liason between the faculty and the undergraduates in matters pertaining to the Computer Science curriculum and the majors’ use of departmental resources.

To allocate those resources provided to Computer Science majors and to oversee their use.

To act as an advisory board to the faculty in cases of violations of system rules, and in other cases requiring disciplinary actions.

To act as a forum for the discussion of issues of general interest to users of departmental facilities.


A committee’s tenure will last exactly one academic year.

A committee will consist of 6 undergraduates who satisfy the DSAC membership requirements as stated below. They will be chosen via the electoral process outlined below.

There will be no hierarchical organization of the committee. It will be a democratic body.


General elections are to be held in the spring of every academic year to select those undergraduates who will be the DSAC for the following academic year. Elections are to be run by one or more non-candidate members of the committee.

Elections will be open to all students who meet the membership requirements and will be conducted thus:

  • The names of the candidates will then be made public, and they will be invited to make their campaign statements over a period of one week.
  • Voting will take place over a one-week period during which each voter will be allowed to cast a ballot naming six candidates of his or her choice.
  • The six candidates with the highest vote counts will be the new DSAC. Any ties will be broken by a run-off election.
  • If a candidate wishes to challenge the results, they must email dsac[at]yale[dot]edu within 48 hours of the result announcement.

Soon after the elections, a meeting will be held for all departing and incoming members of DSAC, during which the new members will be initiated to the workings of the committee.

If DSAC loses members, a single spot may be filled by a unanimous vote of the other DSAC members. If more positions need to be filled, a new round of elections must be held.


Completion of Computer Science 223 or any higher-numbered course in the major.


Any part of this document may be amended by the vote of 5 or more members.