Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists

New to Yale CS? The first thing you should do is join the cs-majors mailing list! Anyone can join the list, even if they haven’t declared the major. This is the best place to find opportunities, speaker events, applications, and of course, DSAC info! If you ever need to advertise an event, you can also feel free to directly email the list as well (cs-majors[at]

The cs-majors-jobs mailing list is another great resource to get internships, interviews, and other job opportunities. Again, anyone can join the list!

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Some crowdsourced templates for your use:

Your Name
Yale University '##, College
C 203-555-5555
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Yale | 20##
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B.S. Computer Science
Yale University: X College: 20##
+1 (203) 555-5555