CPSC Intro Courses and Tracks

Yale CS is creating several tracks: AI/ML, Computing & The Arts, Robotics, Security, Systems, and Theory. Below is a short description of each track and their advising information. Note: tracks are not mandatory in Yale CS, but are provided as a way to help students structure their study of large umbrella interests further and in depth.

An up-to-date spreadsheet of Fall 2023/Spring 2024 courses and their topics can be found here: 2023-2024 Yale CS Course Manifest

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AI & Machine Learning

Instructor Contact: Dr. Alex Wong Advising Presentation Google Slides

Computing & The Arts

Instructor Contact: Dr. Scott Peterson Advising Presentation


Instructor Contact: Dr. Daniel Rakita Advising Presentation


Instructor Contact: Dr. Tim Barron Advising Presentation


Instructor Contact: Dr. Jay Lim Advising Presentation


Instructor Contact: Dr. Dylan McKay Advising Presentation