Office Hours

In CS classes, much of the learning happens outside of official lecture time — during office hours! The vast majority of CS classes have office hours led by professors, TFs (grad students), or ULAs (undergrad students who’ve taken the class before). At most office hours, you’ll either review important concepts before exams or get one-on-one help on your problem sets! It can be a great opportunity to meet fellow classmates and get help debugging your code, so it’s highly recommended that you attend!

You can find your class’s office hours schedule either on the official class webpage, Canvas page, and/or []. Go as early as possible — as it gets closer to a problem set deadline or exam date, office hours get more and more packed, and it can be harder to get help. Office hours can be an incredible way to rehash lecture concepts, solve problem sets, get to know upperclassmen, and meet new people all in the span of an hour or two!