Help & Where To Find It

Last Update: 2022-07-08 RTS49, previous 3 Nov 2002

Getting Help

This section of the DSAC Help System explains how to get help using the Zoo and also describes how you can give DSAC feedback about the Zoo.


Linux support is available from a number of sources:

Documentation for Red Hat Linux, the operating system installed on all but two of the Zoo machines, can be found at Red Hat’s web site, The Linux Documentation Project, at maintains a repository of support resources for a variety of applications and utilities. From the console, you can type man command, where command is the name of a command you’d like to learn more about. For example, man man will give you an explanation of the man program itself. Manual pages are organized into different, searchable sections – man 2 strtok, for example, will tell those of you who are writing C code about the strtok function, which lives in section 2 (where a lot of other C library calls live, too, hint hint!). Windows Documentation for Microsoft Windows 2000, which is installed on the two non-Linux machines, can be found at Microsoft’s Windows 2000 web site,

Who to Contact

There are a few different points of contact based on what you’re trying to do or running into:

Request/Problem Suggested Contact Backup Contact
Facility Problems (pipe breaks, broken chair/desk, printer not working…) Call 203-432-1246 or email for non-urgent requests Weekends: 432-6888
Software Installation, Issue with class submission program, class-specific content Email your course professor, TA, or ULAs
Technical issues (accessing the Zoo), Storage Issues, Password Problems (can take up to seven days)
Anything else - DSAC can route you  

If there is a terrible disaster in the Zoo (for example, if a pipe breaks and the Zoo gets flooded), you can call the Facility Hotline. If nobody answers the phone, leave your name, the time, and a brief but detailed message of the problem. The number is (203) 432-6888.