Last Updated: 4 Nov 2022

Accessing the Zoo

Where is the Zoo?

The Zoo is located on the third floor of Arthur K. Watson Hall (the Computer Science Department building) at 51 Prospect Street. One half of the Zoo is enclosed in Room AKW300, while the other half is in the third floor atrium.

The Zoo is open 24-hours a day, so if you’re noctournal (like some of us) and thus do your best hacking at night, you need not be concerned. Just keep in mind that the door into AKW is locked on weekends and in the evenings on weekdays, so you will want to have your ID card validated for use with the scanner in order to enter the building during those times. Entrance to the closed portion of the Zoo (AKW300) also requires a swipe from a validated card. At the time of this writing (Fall 2002), Lori Hammel is in charge of ID card validations. Her desk is at the end of the right-hand hallway on the ground floor of AKW. Be sure to list all the areas of the building to which you will require access when you sign up for ID validation.

The Zoo has a telephone (aren’t we hip?) so that you can call your friends there to remind them to eat and sleep. The phone number for the closed portion of the Zoo is 432-2266; for the open portion, 432-2169.

Getting and Maintaing Zoo Accounts

This process has changed and will be updated.

Finally, make sure you read the Etiquette page to familiarize yourself with the rules and regs.