Math Classes for CS Majors

CS Majors have one required math course to take during their degree path: a section of discrete mathematics. This course can be taken via the computer science OR the math department.

CPSC 202

“Mile Wide, Inches Deep”

  • Taught by CS professors
  • Focuses more on application of discrete mathematics than theory
  • Topics include logic, set theory, methods of proof, number theory, graph theory, probability, combinatorics, and linear algebra.
  • Usually only one section per term offered (large lecture format)
  • Meets twice per week

Past Syllabi:

MATH 244

“Mile Wide, Mile Deep”

  • Taught by the Math department
  • Focuses more on theory and concepts than application
  • Topics include graphs, trees, connectivity, Ramsey theorem, enumeration, binomial coefficients, Stirling numbers. Properties of finite set systems
  • Sometimes has two sections (lecture format)
  • Meets three times per week

Past Syllabi: