Game Devs of Color Expo (GDoC)

Sep 7, 2022 • Tyler S. on behalf of Theodore K.

The Game Devs of Color Expo (GDoC) is a celebration dedicated to “amplifying the creative power” of people of color involved in the Gaming industry. Founded in 2016 by game developers Catt Small and Chris Algoo, GDoC showcases games made by and about people of color. This unique event not only brings together creators of color but also creates a space for up-and-coming artist/creators to hear from established developers and seek mentorship. The event is also recognized and sponsored by prominent game companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Oculus. In previous years, GDoC was held in NYC for 4 consecutive days. Since the first conference, attendance has increased 3-fold, they have distributed 13 game developer grants, and hosted over 150 speakers and panelists discussing over 200 games.

We recently got annual funding to send 10-15 yale students to the expo for free. The expo is online from Sept 15th-18th. (If you would like to be considered to go, please fill out this form.)[]

The deadline to apply is 11:59 PM on Tuesday, September 13th.

(For more information please visit their website.)[]